Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithionics Battery combines its advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS) electronics with modular lithium-ion automated assembly design to provide the widest range of batteries available worldwide.

Custom Lithium-ion Battery

Our NEVER-DIE™ system, internal to the battery case, places an unused vehicle battery into 'sleep mode', with a reserve energy preserved sufficient to provide 2 to 3 restarts after the battery is reactivated. We offer various remote-controlled user interfaces to 'wake' the battery up.

As a result of our products' thermal management engineering, Lithionics' batteries operate at higher temperatures than typical lithium-ion batteries. This makes our batteries durable and reliable. Our batteries are both high energy for cranking/starting and stronger for reserve energy power - enabling our batteries to give stronger engine spark and heightened electronics performance.

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Lithionics Battery combines power, cycle life and safety to make our products suitable for a variety of applications.

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